I have published many articles on Translation over the years. Here, you can download any that interest you!

For a complete list of my publications, including my academic publications, see my CV Lattes (maintained by the Brazilian government).


Translating and Editing Academic Articles (into English) - ATA conference in New Orleans, October 2018

(This was a talk, not an article. The two files below were mentioned during the talk.)


Resource Review - MateCat (with Fernando Furlani) - ATA Chronicle

Online Training Resources for Translators (with Lucy Brooks and Karen Tkaczyk) - ATA Chronicle


Quick and Dirty: Terminology Management for the Impatient - ATA Chronicle

The End is Near: Translation of Terms Related to Company Dissolution - ATA Conference in October 2011


MemoQ: A Strong Contender for the Title of Best Translation Environment Tool - ATA Chronicle


The Perfect Keyboard - ATA Chronicle. This article explains how to create a new keyboard mapping so that you no longer need to switch keyboards when switching languages - create a keyboard with all of the accents and special characters you need!

The Translator's Binoculars, Part 1: How to Search Monolingual Reference Texts - ATA Chronicle

The Translator's Binoculars, Part 2: Desktop Search Tools and How they Can be Used to Search Reference Texts - ATA Chronicle

Text-to-Speech Tools: A Helping Hand…er…Mouth for Translators/Interpreters - ATA Chronicle


A Tradução de Documentos Constitutivos e sua Terminologia - ATA Conference in October 2007


How to Use Linguistic Corpora to Improve Your Translations - ATA Conference in New Orleans, October 2006


Teaching Medical Translation - ATA Chronicle


No Longer Camões' Portuguese: Syntactic, Lexical, Grammatical and Stylistic Traps to Trip up the Intrepid Translator of Brazilian, European and African Portuguese - ATA Conference, Nov 2002.