If you are looking for certified translations, I am certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) for translations from Portuguese into English.

Read more to learn what I need from you in order to provide a quote.

1. Do you need an ATA-certified translation, or a tradução juramentada?

About ATA certification

  • ATA-certified translators take a test developed by the American Translators Association (ATA) and must provide proof of continuing education in translation.
  • ATA-certified translators do NOT need to have the original. They only need to see an electronic image (pdf or jpg, for example). The translation is based on the pdf.
  • ATA-certified translators have an electronic seal, which appears on the electronic version of the translation. The translator's certification number is on the seal and can be confirmed on the ATA site.
  • ATA-certified translators do NOT provide paper copies of the translation. We provide pdf files that you can print out yourself. This means that we do not need to live in the same city as the customer, not even on the same continent!

About sworn translators (tradutores juramentados)

  • Sworn translators take a test given by the Junta Comercial of the state in which the translator lives. They must reside in Brazil. These exams are offered only every 20 years or so. The last exam in the state of São Paulo was in 1999. The candidates must be Brazilian citizens.
  • Sworn translators MUST have the original, and they place their seal on the back of the original.
  • Sworn translators print out their translations on special paper, and provide a printed copy of the translation. Extra copies cost extra.
  • The Junta Comercial provides a list of all sworn translators in their jurisdiction on their site.
  • Since sworn translators need to have a copy of the original, contact one who lives near where you live, or you will have to use a courrier or the post office.
  • How do I know which one I need?
  • I cannot tell you. You need to read the instructions from the organization or agency requesting the translation. They will usually want either an ATA-certified translation OR a sworn translation.
  • If the translation will be submitted to a Brazilian government agency, they will probably want a sworn translation.
  • If the translation will be submitted to an American instutition, such as a university, they will probably want an ATA-certified translation.

What else do organizations request?

  • Sometimes organizations request a statement from the translator, in addition to the seal on the document.
  • Sometimes organizations ask the translator to send the translation directly to them, rather than through the client.

If you are not sure, forward the exact wording in the request for a translation (from an email or a website) to me when asking for a quote.